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Bertholt Herman Seiffert

Bert was born August 10, 1895 in Scholls, Oregon.

His parents were Samuel Adolph Seiffert and Charlotte Klukas. He was the tenth child of fourteen.

Bert married Hilda Catherine Ferddeen in 1916. They had two children: Daughter (before 1926, buried on the farm) Bertholt Stanley (June 26, 1927 to February 24, 2009).

Hilda died November 23, 1947.

Bert married Ottilie Ernestine Miller on April 18, 1952.

Bert died in Oregon on October 10, 1986 at the age of 91 years, 2 months.

Bert Hilda.jpg - 59337 Bytes Bert and Hilda Bert Hilda Son 1927.jpg - 23312 Bytes Bert, Hilda, and Bertholt in 1927

Bert and Dad early 50s.jpg - 29715 Bytes Bert and his son in the early 1950's Bert and son.jpg - 48840 BytesBert and his son

1963 EmmaLydiaAlvinaBertEdEd.jpg - 35089 BytesEmma, Lydia, Alvina, Bert, Ed and his grandson Ed in 1963 Bert Ottlie 80.jpg - 43016 Bytes Bert and Ottilie on his 80th birthday


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