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Mary Jane Seiffert

Mary Jane was born August 24, 1931 in Scholls, Oregon. Her middle name Jane was after her grandmother, Eliza Jane.

Her parents were Edward Ludwig Seiffert and Nellie Louise Moore. She was the first child of two.

Mary Jane attended Teachers College (Western Oregon) and then taught first through third grades mostly. She retired from the Beaverton School District with about 31 years of service.

She has been the secretary of the Scholls Community Church Sunday School for many years.

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When Mary Jane was about 4 she realized that her father called her uncle Jim Moore "Jim". So she called him Jim instead of Uncle Jim. He did not appreciate it and when her father found out, he have her a spank and told her that he is your Uncle Jim.

getting her bicycle and practicing and practicing until she could ride down the road. She thought the bicycle would give her freedom. However, she crashed and had to push the bike home.

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