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Bertha Seiffert

Bertha was born in April 5, 1848 in Germany.

Her parents were Adolph Seiffert and Christiane Hickman. She was the sixth of ten children.

Bertha married Adam Erdmann on October 10, 1869 in Ukraine, Russia. They had nine children: Caroline (1870 to 1888); Joseph (March 17, 1874 to September 7, 1952); Gottfried (May 10, 1878 to July 28, 1916); Daniel (June 7, 1879 to March 24, 1955); Adolphine (December 23, 1880 to May 23, 1882); Adolf Gustav (October 21, 1883 to February 27, 1970); Amelia (March 3, 1886 to July 23, 1970); Juliana (September 11, 1888 to January 16, 1941); and Ida Louise (May 10, 1891 to November 17, 1981).

Bertha died October 21, 1934 in Hillsboro, Oregon at the age of 86 years, 6 months, 16 days.


Frazee February 13, 1900
Dear brother-and sister-in-law Samuel and Charlotte Seiffert,
We got your letter, and we're not pleased that you want to move to Washington because of the open land there. But it also has its disadvantages. But when we were reading, we looked forward to seeing you aqain. We want to see you again with all our hearts. May the Dear God bless your undertaking. We want to remember how many blessings God has given us, and to put all our hope and trust in Him, as He has commanded. "I will neither leave thee nor forsake thee." That's our wish for the New Year. When you write us again, tell us exactly how it is in Washington, where you were last summer, and how far it is from your farm.
You wrote that you had taken up a homestead for your son. In the last letter, you told us that you'd bought another 120 acres of land. Is that in Washington, or is it in Oregon by the land you already have? As for us, we're thankful to the Lord, and we praise Him that all are alive and well. We wish that for you, too. As for the weather, it's been very cold the last few weeks, and now it's grown somewhat milder.
Much has changed since you left Dakota. There aren't any more homesteads here, but the railroad still has land available at $5 an acre near the line, and $3 [an acre] farther away. Even cattle is more expensive. A 1 1/2 year-old steer qoes for $18 instead of $15, and the price of a good milk cow went up from $25 to $30. Pork is 5 cents, and butter, 18 cents a pound. Last year's harvest was mediocre. Wages, however, are the same as when you were here. Good people are hard to get. We don't know what the Dear God will provide. He wants to help everyone so they will be blessed.
Many regards from all of us to you and all of yours.
Your dear brother- and sister-in-law, Adam and Berta Erdmann
And Daniel greets Karl. He went to Dakota for the harvest, and he made $80. Gottfried is at home and sends his regards. Joseph, his wife, and their four children send their greetings. Father and Mother, too.
Emilie Erdmann
Last summer's wages were good for the girls-$4 a week.


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