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William Gottfred Erdman

Will was born January 8, 1908.

His parents were Gottfried Erdman and Wilhelmina Seiffert. He was the first child of three.

Will married Ruth Raymond in 1935. They had two children: Living daughter (1937 to current); and Living son (1939 to current).

Will married Hazel Ruby Fanton in 1950. Hazel died in 1974.

He then married Rosalie Mary Barnard on November 23, 1975. Rosalie died in 1982.

Will married Blanche Wright Richert on November 7, 1982.

Will died on November 17, 1982 in a car accident while on his honeymoon with his fourth wife at the age of 74 years, 10 months, 9 days. He is buried at Mt. View Cemetery in Oregon City, Oregon.

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Will was an active member of Warner Grange in Clackamas County.

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