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Ralph Elmer Obear

Ralph was born April 13, 1882.

His parents were Joseph Williams Obear and Helen Bell. He was the second child of seven.

Ralph married Linnie Clarke Mayhew on June 12, 1902 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The couple had four children: Clyde Ashton (March 29, 1907 to January 28, 1960), Kenneth Baker (July 12, 1909 to December 22, 1996), Elmer Clarke (January 11, 1911 to September 4, 1967), and Rodney Dayton (July 3, 1913 to June 4, 1989).

Ralph was a plumber. At age 14 he was accepted as an apprentice and spent 4 years learning the trade and becoming a journeyman plumber.

When the family moved to California, he went with them, but hated the desert conditions and soon came back to Beverly.

Ralph died on October 29, 1973 in Massachusetts at the age of 91 years, 6 months, 16 days. He was cremated and interred in Central Cemetery, Lot 17, Sub-Div 12 Beverly, Massachusetts on November 2, 1973. He is next to his mother and there is no marker on the lot.

Alice Ralph Adelaide Obear.jpg - 24326 Bytes Alice Obear, Ralph, and Adelaide Fox about 1960.

Ralph Obear Ralph Fox.jpg - 21959 Bytes Ralph with his namesake great-nephew.

The home that Ralph built in Beverly.


One family story from Adelaide's branch is that Ralph and Linnie lived in the same house with a line painted through it. They each lived on their side and even though they never divorced, they lived their own lives. When asked, one of Ralph's grandsons debunked this story. He said that Ralph and Linnie had a strained marriage, which if Ralph had been willing to compromise a little, would have been much better.

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