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Linnie Clarke Mayhew

Linnie was born June 17, 1883 in Middleton, Massachusetts. The city recorder listed her as a male.

Her parents were Otis S. Mayhew and Hattie A. Hussey. Linnie was a Penobscot Indian.

Linnie married Ralph Elmer Obear on June 12, 1902. The couple had four children: Clyde Ashton (March 29, 1907 to January 28, 1960), Kenneth Baker (July 12, 1909 to December 22, 1996), Elmer Clarke (January 11, 1911 to September 4, 1967), and Rodney Dayton (July 3, 1913 to June 4, 1989).

Linnie died on November 16, 1965 at the age of 82 years, 4 months, 29 days. She is buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery in Danvers, Massachusetts.

The home that Ralph and Linnie lived in Beverly.


One family story from Adelaide's branch is that Ralph and Linnie lived in the same house with a line painted through it. They each lived on their side and even though they never divorced, they lived their own lives. When asked, one of Ralph's grandsons debunked this story. He said that Ralph and Linnie had a strained marriage, which if Ralph had been willing to compromise a little, would have been much better.

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