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Jessie Mabel Obear

Jessie was born July 6, 1880.

Her parents were Joseph Williams Obear and Helen Bell. She was the first child of seven.

Jessie married Lester Owen VanHook on July 4, 1910. The couple had no children. Lester died April 20, 1957.

Jessie died in 1972 in California at about the age of 92 years.

Helen Alice Adelaide Jessie.jpg - 47907 Bytes Helen, Alice, Adelaide, and Jessie; the Obear sisters.

Jessie Obear.jpg - 21674 Bytes Jessie   Jessie Obear Goat 1931.jpg - 45981 Bytes Jessie and a goat in 1931

Jessie Obear Goats 1965.jpg - 31795 Bytes Jessie and two of her goats in 1965.   Jessie Owen Obear Sisters.jpg - 17099 Bytes Jessie, Owen, Adelaide Fox, and Alice Obear.


Grandniece Celia remembered that Aunt Jessie kept goats for the San Diego Zoo. She was sure that Aunt Jessie couldn't see out the windshield of the car as she had to peer under the steering wheel.

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