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Alice Priscilla Obear

Alice was born February 16, 1889.

Her parents were Joseph Williams Obear and Helen Bell. She was the fifth child of seven.

Alice married Frank W. Weight on August 8, 1906. The couple had three children: Bernald Wilbur (June 13, 1909 to February 22, 1964), Helen Irene (November 17, 1910 to January 11, 1978), and Thyra Alice (May 3, 1912 to May 6, 1987).

Alice died on May 26, 1993 in Glendale, Los Angles, California at the age of 104 years, 3 months, 10 days.

Helen Alice Adelaide Jessie.jpg - 47907 Bytes Helen, Alice, Adelaide, and Jessie, the Obear sisters.   Alice Ralph Adelaide Obear.jpg - 24326 Bytes Alice, Ralph, and Adelaide about 1960.


The family story is that Frank went out for cigarettes and never returned. His car was found, but his body was never found. It was assumed that he committed sucide.

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