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Adelaide Lucretia Obear

Adelaide was born July 21, 1890 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Her parents were Joseph Williams Obear and Helen Bell. She was the sixth child of seven.

Adelaide moved with her family to California when she was about 13 years old.

Adelaide married John Edwin Fox on February 18, 1921 and had two Children: Harriet Jessie (October 8, 1922 to April 12, 2013) and John Bell (August 14, 1925 to April 13, 1981).

Adelaide died in Elmira, Oregon on April 7, 1981 at the age of 90 years, 8 months, 17 days. She was cremated and her ashes buried at at the farm in Elmira.

Adelaide toddler.jpg - 48670 Bytes Baby picture of Adelaide   Adelaide 1907.jpg - 38947 Bytes In 1907

Adelaide 1918.jpg - 34894 BytesWashing the Buick Roadster in 1918   Adelaide Fox Children.jpg - 22653 Bytes Adelaide and her two children.

Helen Alice Adelaide Jessie.jpg - 47907 BytesHelen, Alice, Adelaide, and Jessie; the Obear sisters.

Alice Ralph Adelaide Obear.jpg - 24326 Bytes Alice Obear, Ralph Obear and Adelaide about 1960.

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This stone is in Moutainside Cemetery in Scholls Oregon.


Granddaughter Celia remembers telling her grandmother that she wanted to name a child after her. Then she asked, "What is your name Grandma?" The reply was Adelaide. She then asked what her middle name was. The answer of Lucretia was given.

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