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Benjamin Ober

Benjamin was born on January 29, 1751 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

His parents were Benjamin Ober and Sarah Ellis. He was the second child of four.

Benjamin married Mary Foster on April 15, 1771. They had five children, Rebecca (August 10, 1773 to ?); Benjamin (April 5, 1775 to October 1, 1836); Mary (January 13, 1777 to ?); and Samuel Haskell (July 29, 1779 to January 29, 1854).

"Petition dated Boston, signed by Larkin Thorndike, in behalf of John Lovett, 4th, and others, of Beverly, asking that said Ober be commissioned as commander of the brigantine "Freedom" (Privateer); ordered in Council September 7, 1780, that a commission be issued, and that the naval officer of the port of Salem be directed to clear said vessel for the West Indies, any embargo to the contrary notwithstanding; also, Master, brigantine "Freedom;" descriptive list of officers and crew, sworn to September 11, 1780; age, 28 yrs,; stature 5 ft. 9 in.; complexion, light; residence, Beverly." from the "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolution War, Volume XI, A Compliation from the Archives Accordance with Chapter 100, Resolves of 1891, Boston, Wright and Porter, State Printers, 1903."

Benjamin died at sea Jan 2, 1780 at about the age of 29 years.


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