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Nellie Louise Moore

Nellie was born December 21,1894 in Pickrell, Nebraska.

Her parents were John Waltz Moore and Eliza Jane Hughes. She was the seventh child of seven.

She worked in a hotel in Newburg that her sister May managed.

She kept house for "Uncle Jim" James W. Hughes in Mt. Vernon, Wa.

Nellie married Edward Ludwig Seiffert on December 6, 1923 and had two daughters, Mary Jane (August 24, 1931 to current) and Katherine Louise (January 21, 1936 to current). There was a premature boy that died between the two sisters.

Nellie died in Scholls, Oregon on November 14, 1993 at the age of 98 years, 11 months, 24 days. She is buried at Mountainside Cemetery in Scholls, Oregon.

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Grandma charlotte.jpg - 41910 Bytes Grandma Nellie with great granddaughter Charlotte about 1985

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Grandson Ed remembers his Grandma charging out of the back door with a broom to get a cat that was doing something wrong on the back walk when she was in her eighties.
She was a strong woman who was very reserved with her feelings. We knew she loved us, but I can't remember her initiating a hug.

Daughter Mary Jane remembers her mother as being very firm. If you started something, finish it up. The only time she wore jeans (overhauls) was when she helped with the milking or other farm work. The rest of the time that attire was inappropriate.

Before they built the main house they lived in what became the garage. On wash day, Nellie would have to boil water on the stove and would send her daughter out with Ed, probably for safety.

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