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Esther May Moore

May was born December 24, 1892 in Pickrell, Nebraska.

Her parents were John Waltz Moore and Eliza Jane Hughes. She was the sixth child of seven.

May married Chester Raymond on ? She divorced him and did not speak about him to family.

She kept house for W. W. Hollingsworth after her divorce. She married William Wesley Hollingsworth in 1934. Her sister Nellie was unhappy with the marriage as W.W. was over 30 years older than May. He died in 1941.

On February 14, 1973 May married Harold Vogel. She never had any children.

May died in Oregon on May 11, 1980 at the age of 87 years, 4 months, 17 days.

MayNellieMoore.jpg - 57073 Bytes May and her little sister Nellie. EstherMayMoore.jpg - 48001 Bytes Nellie May Lydia MaryJane.jpg - 16834 Bytes Nellie, May, Lydia, and Mary Jane

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Grandnephew Ed remembers that Aunt May had a siamese cat that had a real personality named Ming. He would use the toilet rather than the cat box and was irritated if caught using the toilet.
When Aunt May decided to quit driving she gave her car to Ed. It was a 67 Chevy II Nova.

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