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Mary Ann Moore

Mary was born September 16, 1846.

Her parents were Jacob Moore and Catharine Waltz. She was the third of ten children.

Mary married James W. Douglas on September 29, 1861. They had five children: Catherina A. (March 1862 to Aft 1920); William W. (September 1864 to ?); John Frank (abt 1867 to ?); Dennis A. (August 1868 to ?); Andrew H. (1873 to ?).

In 1870 and 1880 they lived on the farm that James' Father owned in Decatur, Green County, Wisconsin. 1900 they were living in Spring Grove, Green County, Wisconsin. By 1910 they were living in Newberg, Oregon.

James died in Newberg on May 17, 1913 and is buried in the GAR Cemetery in Newberg.

Mary then married Levi Dobbins on December 5, 1913. Mary died on June 26, 1933 at age 86 years, 9 months, 10 days. She is buried next to James in the GAR Cemetery.

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