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Ava Jane Maberry

Ava was born December 6,1860 in Arkansas.

Her parents were John O. Maberry and Mary Jane Pass. She was the fourth child of seven.

Ava married James Posten Luttrell on November 21, 1878 in Washington County, Arkansas. They had ten children: John Shelton (January 22, 1880 to August 3, 1953); Mary Jane (October 20, 1882 to June 19, 1965); James Robert (December 1884 to July 2, 1886); Margaret Elizabeth (December 8, 1886 to October 23, 1937); Benjamin Franklin (May 16, 1890 to December 13, 1960); Anna Alice (August 10, 1892 to September 8, 1951); Minnie Olive (March 8, 1895 to January 20, 1995); Lester Esten (November 9, 1897 to May 20 1973); Clyde Willie (February 12, 1900 to May 31, 1984); and Irvin Leo (September 29, 1902 to July 24, 1970).

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Ava died in Washington County, Arkansas on October 24, 1903 of typhoid at the age of 42 years, 10 months, 18 days. She is buried in Mt. View Cemetery in Stone, Arkansas.

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Family history as told by Mary Jane Marr in the spring of 1964

When my mother was fifteen, she had what they called white swelling in her left limb below the knee. The pain was so severe the bone cracked and pieces worked out. The doctors couldn't do anything for her. One of their neighbors made a salve and brought them a large jar of it. They insisted that they try it, and it started to heal. They kept using it and it cured her. Grandfather gave this neighbor forty acres of land in payment. She was in bed eighteen months and on crutches about one year. She had deep holes in her limb but wasn't a cripple.

It was near Mountain View, Arkansas, that William Marr and Mary Luttrell met at Sunday school in the spring of 1898, and we have been going steady ever since. We were married Nov. 26, 1903. We were to have been married in July but my father took ill with typhoid fever. He only lived two weeks, passing away July 14, 1903. Then Mother had the fever and lay for 90 days before she passed away (Octobor 4, 1903. It was very hard for me to leave that little family. Irvin was only 14 months old, but Grandma said that I had kept William waiting long enough and that she would stay with the children for a time. William and I lived on a farm near Mountain View until March, 1909.

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