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Jacob D. Maberry

Jake was born in 1826 in Tennessee.

His parents were David Maberry and Nancy Stroud. He was the third child of eleven.

Jake married Rachel Moore about 1843 in Washington Co., Arkansas. They had seven children: Nancy (abt 1844 to ?); Mary Jane (January 18, 1847 to February 20, 1928); Sarah (abt 1849 to ?); Margaret (October 27, 1850 to ?); Eliza (abt 1851 to ?); Tennessee (abt 1853 to ?); and David (abt 1858 to ?). Rachel died btween 1858 and 1860.

Jake remarried between 1858 and 1860 to Martha Jane ?. They had one child: Amanda (abt 1859 to ?).

Jake died ?


Family history as told by Mary Jane Marr in the spring of 1964

Grandpa Maberry had a brother living near him, Uncle Jake Maberry. He had some of the best apples, variety Porters. They hung over the fence where we could reach them. He told us to help ourselves, and we did on our way to and from school. Arkansas apples were so good those days--no spray and no worms. This old uncle got a bad corn on his toe. He was a blacksmith so he went out to his shop, put his foot on the anvil, took a coal chizel and hammer and cut that toe off.

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