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Louisa Jane Null

Louisa was born August 17, 1839 in Lousiana.

Her parents were ?.

Louisa married Shelton Luttrell in 1856 in Washington County, Arkansas. They had nine children: Elvira E. or J. (August 31, 1857 to November 6, 1925); Elizabeth (1858 to before 1870); Lewis Andrew (July 26, 1859 to August 24, 1908); William (April 6, 1862 to September 18, 1869); Margaret Ann (May 9, 1866 to August 24, 1908); Joseph (December 22, 1869 to July 2, 1941); Columbus (July 3, 1871 to April 8, 1917); Shephard Shelton (February 5, 1874 to July 3, 1938); and Jacob Cue (March 14, 1877 to March 11, 1952)

Louisa died in Rickards Ford, Washington County, Arkansas on February 24, 1915 at the age of 75 years, 6 months, 7 days. She is buried in Bell Cemetery in Arkansas next to Shelton.

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From the family history by Mary Jane Luttrell Marr in 1964

My Grandfather's name was Shelton Luttrell (born Aug. 17, 1823). I never knew my Grandmother Luttrell, but my father always told me that I looked like her. After Grandfather became a widower he married again. After this marriage he moved from Texas to northwestern Arkansas. They located on the Illinois River and built a log house on the hillside as the river went wild sometimes and covered the lowland. My Dad had two half sisters and six half brothers, making eleven children in all to live in this home with their parents. Their home was a large log structure with a large room upstairs, a large room on the side, and a large fireplace to warm it. My Grandmother smoked a pipe after dinner, and she would let me dip up a few live coals and put in her pipe. I would pull a little smoke through to see if it was started, but I never got the habit (ha).

One of the half brothers broke his leg when he was about sixteen and bled to death before they could get help as the doctors were few and far between.

My Grandfather was a blue-eyed Irishman with gray, wavy hair. I can remember that he was kind and good to his family and everyone and that he worked very hard. He passed on (at about age 69) when I was ten or eleven years of age. My Grandmother lived there on the same farm with the younger boys and lived to be about 80 years of age. The farm or part of it is still inhabited by some of the family; they were a very close, happy family.

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