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Minnie Olive Luttrell

Olive was born March 8, 1895 in Stone, Arkansas.

Her parents were James Posten Luttrell and Ava Jane Maberry. She was the seventh child of ten.

Olive married Samuel S Bledsoe and they adopted three children: Olive Leona (February 16, 1924 to April 14, 1969); Charlcie M. (January 19, 1926 to December 13, 1976); and James (December 25, 1932 to September 9, 2006). They also were a big part of raising Richard and Bill Luttrell, Clyde's sons.

Olive died January 20, 1995 in Rainier, Columbia County, Oregon at the age of 99 years, 10 months, 12 days.

L-R Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin Luttrell.jpg - 37871 Bytes Luttrell siblings left to right: Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin

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Sam and Olive Bledsoe's 50th Anniversary

BillandOlive.jpg - 26779 Bytes Bill Luttrell and his Aunt Olive

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Alta and Clyde Luttrell, William and Mary Marr, and Olive and Sam Bledsoe

Olive in her Garden

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