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Lester Esteen Luttrell

Lester was born November 9, 1897 in Arkansas.

His parents were James Posten Luttrell and Ava Jane Maberry. He was the eighth child of ten.

In the 1920 census Lester was living in the Eastham residence as a boarder in Cowlitz County, Washington.

Lester married (applied for marriage license on September 8, 1920 in Cowlitz County, Washington) Winnie W. Eastham. They had three children. Living Daughter; Living Daughter; and Living Son.

Lester died May 20 1973 in Springfield, Lane County, Oregon at the age of 75 years, 6 months, 11 days.

Mountain View School 1912.jpg - 48500 Bytes Mountain View School in Arkansas in 1912

L-R Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin Luttrell.jpg - 37871 Bytes Luttrell siblings left to right: Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin


Nephew Leonard remembers his Uncle Lester taking a switch and hitting a turkey regularly. That turkey got mean and would attack anyone who came through the barnyard gate. His cousin Rick was attacked from behind and that turkey sat on him and flogged him with his wings. One day that turkey became dinner.

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