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Irvin Leo Luttrell

Irvin was born September 29, 1902 in Arkansas.

His parents were James Posten Luttrell and Ava Jane Maberry. He was the tenth child of ten.

Irvin married (applied for a marriage license on August 30, 1924 in Cowlitz County, Washington) Agnes Fuller. It is thought that they divorced.

Irvin was a fairly heavy drinker and he lived with his sister Olive at the end of his life.

Irvin died July 24, 1970 in St. Helens, Oregon at the age of 67 years, 9 months, 25 days. He is buried in Bethany Memorial Cemetery in Warren, Oregon.

Mountain View School 1912.jpg - 48500 Bytes Mountain View School in Arkansas in 1912

L-R Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin Luttrell.jpg - 37871 Bytes Luttrell siblings left to right: Mary, Betty, Frank, Alice, Olive, Lester, Clyde, Irvin

Marie Hudson and her son Danny, Alice Luttrell Hudson, Irvin, and Olive Luttrell Bledsoe

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