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Leonard Lester Luttrell

Leonard was born August 29, 1933 in St. Helens, Oregon.

His parents were Clyde Willie Luttrell and Alta Violet Mason. He was the second surviving child of ten.

Leonard served in the army from April, 1953 to 1955. He served in Germany in 704th Ordinance Division as an instrument repairman for about 15 to 16 months after basic training. He serviced binoculars, rangefinders, and other optics for the 8th Division. He had reached the rank of corporal when he was discharged.

During his time in Europe, he saw France, Holland, Austria, and quite a bit of Germany.

Leonard married Katherine Louise Seiffert on June 1, 1958 and had three children: Edward Lee (March 18, 1960 to current), Living Son (1961 to current), and Living Daughter (1962 to current).

After he married Katherine they spent about a month in an apartment and then they bought their first place at Deer Island. It was a 5 acre piece of property and Leonard built a barn there. After a couple of years they sold it and bought 20 acres at Goble. They planted an orchard on the place. After three or four years they sold the place in Goble and bought 20 acres from Ed Seiffert so that they could be close by and help out as Ed was having medical problems. Leonard and Katherine divorced in 1981. Leonard sold the place in 1991 and moved to Redmond.

He married Dorothy Mae Bishop Fox on May 29, 1982 in Scholls, Oregon.

Leonard joined the Scholls Grange in 1971 and was an active member including holding a variety of offices including Master until 1991 when he moved to Redmond Grange. He has served in a variety of offices including Master there. He as served a number of years as Deschutes County Deputy for the State Grange.

ClydeBobLeonard Fishing.jpg - 18346 BytesClyde, Bob, Leonard and a fisherman they met on the the west fork of the Millicoma River. The three had arrived to go steelhead fishing and the man told them them he'd been there for two hours and hadn't had a bite. Clyde and Bob decided to give it a try and Leonard went down to watch. On his first cast Clyde had a fish on and Leonard went back to the car to get his pole. The other man was still there and asked why he was getting his pole. Leonard replied that his Dad already had a fish on and the man grabbed his pole and within an hour all four had limited out. The man, who was from Coos Bay, learned how to fish for steelhead that day.

Leonard Darrell Johnson.jpg - 14253 Bytes Darrell Johnson and Leonard on November 29, 1953

Leonard new car.jpg - 15362 Bytes Leonard and his first new car, a Mercury Monterey in 1955

leonardKatherine wedding.jpg - 29001 Bytes Leonard and Katherine's wedding in 1958

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Leonard and Dorothy's wedding in 1982

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Son Ed remembers appointing his Dad as the Deschutes County Grange Deputy with the support of the Pomona Master. He was proud of his Dad as his Dad was one of the best County Deputies of the State Grange.

Granddaughter Charlotte remembers the special place to go as a kid was to Grandpa and Grandma's. They could play in the woods, build forts, and have a lot of fun.

Granddaughter Charlotte remembers as a kid going into the woodshop with her grandpa to see how he made things.

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