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Matthew Thomas Hughes

Mathew was born April 27, 1816 in Pennsylvania.

His parents were possibly Thomas Hughes and ?

By 1830 (aged 14) he was in Blooming Township in Ohio.

Matthew married Esther Wolph on August 31, 1838 in Richland County, Ohio. They had five children: Thomas E. (1841), James W. (1842 to 1923), Henry (1844), Louisa E. (April 17, 1853 to December 21, 1918), and Eliza Jane (May 11, 1856 to April 13, 1933).

In 1850 they lived in Franklin, Richland County, Ohio and he may have been working as a carpenter. They left Ohio with two families of his inlaws in 1853, wintered that year in Iowa, then reached Nebraska Territory in 1854, where they moved around a bit.

By 1860 they had moved to Mount Pleasant, Cass County, Nebraska. He was postmaster of Mount Pleasant from 1965-1868 and also served as a justice of the peace. They lived there in 1870.

Matthew died in Nebraska on September 21, 1895 at the age of 79 years, 4 months, 25 days. He is buried at the Wyuka Cemetery in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

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Matthew Thomas Hughes

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