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Mary Myrtle Hansen

Mary Myrtle was born June 1, 1893 in Alsea, Oregon to Andreas Peter Hansen and Alice Elisbeth Demute. She was the sixth of six children.

Her mother died in 1894 and her father put Mary and her sister Laura into an orphanage.

Mary married Jasper Mason on September 3, 1909 in Columbia County, Oregon. He was 55 years old and she was 16. They had three girls LaVelle (August 18, 1910 to October 6, 2007), Alta Violet (January 29, 1913 to March 21, 1985), and Grace Alvessa (January 26, 1915 to March 24, 1998).

Mary died October 30, 1967 in Multnomah County, OR, at the age of 74 years, 4 months, 29 days. She is buried in Union Cemetery, Yankton, Oregon.

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Jasper & Mary

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Grandson Leonard remembers that Grandma had a little bulldog that didn't kids. They had to be real careful around him because he would snap at you.

Uncle Harry (her brother) lived with her for many years. He always smoked a pipe with nothing but Prince Albert tobacco in it. Most people would buy him Prince Albert tobacco for Christmas because he never had much money and they could stock him up.

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