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Andreas Peter Hansen

Andreas Peter Hansen was born about 1850 in Denmark to Albert Hanson and Mary Peterson. He also occasionally signed official documents as Andrew Peter Hansen.

In 1878 he homesteaded north of York, Nebraska
Filed deed (homestead) to land in York County, NE on November 2, 1878
Book 8-22 York County Deeds
Section 32 - 12 North Range 2 West of the 6th Principal Meridian
North half of the SE quarter
Thayer Township is now Blair Township

Andreas married Alice Elisbeth Demute on February 11, 1883 in Benedict, York County, Nebraska. He was 33 years old according to the license and she was 30. They had six surviving children: Harry Elmer (September 13, 1882 to 1963); Antone Peter (June 13, 1883 to March 14, 1961); Josephine Armina (December 1884 to March 21, 1962); Annae Christena (May 2, 1888 to April 21, 1921); Laura Elisabeth (June 17, 1891 to February 13, 1984); Mary Myrtle (June 1, 1893 to October 30, 1967), and an unnamed boy who died with Alice in birth about 1894.

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In November of 1888 he sold the farm apparently due to debt and possibly moved to North Platte, Nebraska with or near Alice's sister.
Filed deed transfering to new owners on November 14, 1888
sold for $2,000
owed: taxes for 1886, 1887, 1888
Mortgage of $900 plus interest past due
Mortgage of $69.90 plus costs of suit thereon
Mortgage of $700 and accrued interest thereon

About 1891 he moved his family to the Five Rivers precinct in Lane County, Oregon. This is near Alsea, Benton County.

On March 6, 1900 he was admitted to the Oregon State Hospital in Salem. The admission was noted as:
Name: Hanson, Andrew
Nativity: Denmark
County: Benton
Age: 68
Civil Condition: Widower
Occupation: Farmer
Cause of Insanity: Loss of wife - sickness & improper nourishment
No. of Attacks: 1

His personal and medical history page reported:
Residence: Fisher, Lane Co.
Received: March 6, 1900
Place of Birth: Denmark
Occupation: Farmer
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 140
Color of Eyes: Blue
Age: 63
Race: Dane
Education: Modern
Religion: Lutheran
Civil Condition: Widower
Committed by: E. Woodward
Habits: Regular Temperate
Number of attacks: First
Age at First Attack: 60
Duration of Present Attack on Admission: Several months
First, or other Admissions: First
Hereditary: blank
Suicidal: Yes
Homicidal: Yes
Cause: Loss of wife, sickness and improper nourishment
Address of Friends: Willis Vidits Alsea, Oregon
Notes: Plots to take children from him and desires to have one child convicted for perjury and imprisoned or hanged

His Discharge noted
Date: Sept 1
Name: Hansen, AP
Ward: 20
Where Sent: Marion Co.
Expense: blank
Condition: Much Impr
Remarks: 3 mo

Andreas may have died on December 6, 1900 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon. If so, he was buried in Terrell Cemetery, which was the cemetery for the State Hospital and records no longer exist as to where it was or what happened to those buried there.

1885 York Co. NE census says he was 37
AP Hansen
Allis 32
Harry E 3
Antone 2
Josse F Dec 84

1884 Ag Census
On hand as of June 1, 1885
56 tilled acres
80 meadows/orchards
10 unimproved/fallow (there was a ravine that went through his property)
2 mules
2 milk cows
8 other cattle (oxen, milk, and other catagories)
12 swine
10 other poultry (barnyard pountry = chickens, and other)

Farm $1,500
Implements $150
Livestock $250

Costs of building & repairing fences $160
wages & board of labor $175
Value of farm products $400

Mown 12 acres
Hay 12 acres

In 1884
9 acres of flax - 70 bushels of seed, 8 tons of straw
4 acres of wheat - 75 bushels
4 acres of rye - 80 bushels
8 acres of oats - 360 bushels
90 (?) acres of corn - 900 bushels
3 acres of barley - 60 bushels
2 calves dropped
200 lbs of butter
300 eggs

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