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Leroy Carson Fox

Leroy was born in 1863 in Henderson County, Illinois.

His parents were Benjamin Franklin Fox and Jane Catlin. He was the seventh child of eight. He was sometimes called Rolly by the family.

Leroy married Eva Jane Galvin on September 8, 1887 and had eight children: Nellie Pearl (September 22, 1888 to March 29, 1972); Roy E. (January 18, 1890 to July 4, 1951); Tressie M. (1892 to 1914); Eva Blanche (April 11, 1893 to October 16, 1978); John Edwin (July 16, 1895 to December 14, 1983); Charles Dewey (July 5, 1898 to November 7, 1964); Elsie Faye (July 12, 1901 to November 5, 1957); and George R. (December 25, 1907 to January 2004).

Leroy owned a farm in Nebraska which probably never had a house on the property. He owed money on the farm and swapped it for a farm in north centeral Kansas around Lebanon. He moved his family to Kansas in 1896 by covered wagon.

Their first home was a lean-to dug in the side of a hill with a roof attached. Later they buld a sod house and used the lean-to as a pig pen. Dewey and Elsie were both born in Kansas and since they were born in the first house, the other children always kidded Dewey that he had been born in a pig-pen.

Several years later the family returned to the Nebraska farm. Rolly said, "on account of the democrats." They put all they owned in a covered wagon -- a cow and a stove was about all they had -- and headed back. They also had 10 silver dollars they had earned pasturing mules. Luckily they were welcomed most anywhere they stopped on the return trip.

Back in Nebraska they build a house on the further end of the farm. In 1936, Sadie and Ben Sr. moved to York and the family moved into the bigger house. They had no electricity and used coal oil lamps.

In 1913, the family held an auction sale of the farm and got $600. They then started for California on the train. Rolly's reason for moving was "damned if he would spend another winter and freeze to death in Nebraska." After four days and nights on the train they arrived in California (March of 1913) to flowers and green grass after having left winter in Nebraska.

They tried the chicken business, but it didn't work out. At this time the San Fernando Valley was all farming. About this time World War I hit.

Leroy died in Los Angeles County, California on January 28, 1933 at the age of 69 years.

Front row, Left to Right: Pearl, Leroy, George, Eva Jane, Tressie. Back Row, Elsie, Dewey, Roy, John and Blanche.

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