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John Bell Fox

John was born August 14, 1925 in Burbank, California.

His parents were John Edwin Fox and Adelaide Lucretia Obear. He was the second child of two.

When John was young he contracted Scarlet Fever and it damaged his heart. He was advised that he probably wouldn't live to see his children grown. However, he did live to see his children grown and the birth of several grandchildren.

John married Dorothy May Bishop on August 5, 1950 in Noti, Oregon and had six children: Living daughter (1951 to current), Myron Edwin (June 25, 1952 to current), Kathy Bell (March 21, 1954 to current), Jerald John (November 22, 1955 to current), Celia Grace (September 8, 1957 to current), and Living son (1959 to current).

John had a couple patents to his name including an iron battery.

John died in Elmira, Oregon on April 13, 1981 during recovery of heart value replacement at the age of 55 years, 7 months, 30 days. He was cremated and his ashes scattered.

JohnEFox Children.jpg - 23979 Bytes John, his sister and Dad.   Adelaide Fox Children.jpg - 22653 Bytes Siblings with Mother.

JohnEFox MotherandChildren.jpg - 21718 Bytes John and his sister, ?, Father and grandmother Eva J. Fox

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John's High School Portrait           John and Dorothy's wedding photo

JohnBFox Celia 1961.jpg - 24018 Bytes John and daughter Celia

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John and Celia's cat Bruce

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This stone is in Moutainside Cemetery in Scholls Oregon.


Son Myron remembers his dad as the back yard scientest. He could look out the window at night and watch the light as his dad tested batteries.
Son Myron remembers his grandpa, smoking a cigar, going into the bombshelter and finding a plastic bag of hydrogen. He confronted Myron's dad asking "are you trying to kill us all". His dad was trying to run an engine on hydrogen so was producing it.
Son Myron remembers his dad could fix anything with almost nothing.
Son Myron remembers Jerry and him riding a Honda 350 down the road about 110 miles an hour. Myron saw his dad standing there and stopped and asked him if he wanted to ride it. His dad said yes and putted off down the road, next thing he was low on the bike doing about 110 flying by Myron.

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