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Celia Grace Fox

Celia was born September 9, 1957 in Eugene, Oregon.

Her parents were John Bell Fox and Dorothy Mae Bishop. She is the fifth child of six.

Celia married Edward Lee Luttrell on September 27, 1980 in Elmira, Oregon and has three children: Benjamin Leonard (1981 to current), Jacob Samuel (June 17, 1982 to current), and Charlotte Mae (November 29, 1983 to current).

Celia joined Elmira Grange at age 14 after being a Junior Grange member since age 5. She is currently a member of Boring-Damascus Grange in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Celia has been a member of Emira, Winona, Kinton, Eagle Creek #297, Boring-Damascus #260, and Sunnyside Granges. She has held leadership positions at the local level, Pomona (County) level, and the State level (Ten years as Secretary and 2 as Treasurer.)

Ed and Celia live at the foot of Mt. Hood on a small piece of property that they call home. The currently have a cat and a dog (Fuzz and Frank).

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Celia in Beverly, Massachusetts at the intersection of Ober Street and Ober Lane


Celia wanted to see the fall New England colors for her 25th wedding anniversary, but when she and Ed spent a week there the colors hadn't started to turn yet. A couple of years later, when visiting a State Grange Session, they both got to see the full glory of the fall colors.

Daughter Charlotte remembers when her mother read the kids "Jurassic Park". Charlotte was a little young to understand the details but her mother made the story come alive.

Daughter Charlotte remembers her mother cleaning house with a bowl of soapy water and a butter knife. She could clean anything and fix anything she found broken with just those two items.

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