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Sarah Jane Fox

Sarah was born October 10, 1848 in Ohio. She was known as Sadie in the family.

Her parents were Benjamin Franklin Fox and Jane Catlin. She was the second child of eight.

Sadie helped raised her younger brothers due to the death of her mother in 1882.

Sadie was a teacher.

Sadie died March 16, 1913 at McCool in York County, Nebraska at age 64 years, 5 months, 6 days.

She left her estate to her youngest brother Benjamin K.


During the war everyone had trouble with raiders. One day while Sadie and the children were home alone, she heard someone coming and thought it could be raiders. The family had just sold their wheat crop and the money for this ($4,000) was in the house. Sadie hid the money in young Ben's diapers, but luckily it wasn't raiders after all. The dates don't match this story unless it was one of the other brothers (Leroy or Franklin)as Ben wasn't born until 1870 or the story was after the war.

Sadie knew and was a friend of Abraham Lincoln.

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