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Edwin William Fox

Edwin was born September 20, 1857 in Terre Houte, Illinois.

His parents were Benjamin Franklin Fox and Jane Catlin. He was the fifth child of eight.

Edwin married Alice Jane Scott and they had six children: They had six children: Edwin Robert (January 11, 1880 to June 22, 1954), Walter Preston (January 19, 1883 to March 24, 1938), Ross Emmerson (November 26, 1884 to abt 1885), George Harold (November 10, 1885 to 1961), Bertha Isabella (July 9, 1888 to ?), Anna Albertina (December 1891 or 1892 to ?).

The two oldest were born in Illinois. Edwin, his family and his father then moved to Nebraska. The two boys couldn't make it out there and moved back to McDonough County wehre Alice's family still lived. Edwin and Walter came back with a wagon full of furniture and Alice brought the rest of the kids back on the train. It was siad they had to leave a family keepsake (a Seth Thomas Clock) behind because there wasn't room to bring it.

He did live in Kansas for many years including in Minot. He was a farmer and a school teacher. He was noted as the first or an early teacher in several areas.

Edwin died in Good Hope, McDonough County, Illinois on July 1, 1918 at the age of 60 years, 9 months, 11 days.

Edwin Alice Fox.jpg - 23264 Bytes Edwin and Alice Fox

Edwin and Alice's stone with three of their great-granddaughters


Nanc tells a story about Edwin, Leroy, George, and Benj all meeting at the state line between Kansas and Nebraska and promising each other that they would meet there in 10 years time. Edwin never saw George or Leroy again. Benj ended up back in Illinois working with the railroad.

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