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Benjamin Franklin Fox

Benjamin was born on July 19, 1823 in Fairfax County, Virginia.

His parents were James Fox and Mary James. He was the fourth child of nine.

The farm he was born on became part of the battlefield of Bull Run (Manassas). During the Civil War brothers fought on both sides.

In the 1840's the family left Virginia and moved to Illinois and farmed.

After the Nebraska Territory was opened and land was selling cheap, Ben decided to sellout in Illinois and go to Nebraska.

On June 13, 1884 a deed was recorded showing the transfer of 240 acres from Samuel J and Hannah Alexander. This couple was probably known to Ben as they were also from McDoungal County, Illionis. Ben then sold 80 acres to pay off his mortgage. He raised corn and wheat and he bought and planted 50 apple trees.

Benjamin married Jane Catlin on November 28, 1847 in Zanesville, Ohio. They had eight children, Unkown girl; Sarah Jane (October 10, 1848 to March 16, 1913); George W. (July 6, 1850 to June 19, 1918); Filender (January 21, 1854 to October 12, 1856); Edwin William (September 20, 1857 to July 1, 1918); Franklin J. (June 15, 1860 to August 29, 1860); Leroy Carson (1863 to January 28, 1933); and Benjamin K. (January 1870 to February 1, 1939).

About six months before his death, Ben transfered his land to his daughter Sarah.

Benjamin died in McFadden Township, York County, Nebraska on July 19, 1896 at the age of 73 years. He is buried in the McCool Cemetery south of York, Nebraska.

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The homestead was on the hill behind the grove of trees in McDonough County, Illinois. The buildings are long gone now.

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