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Alice Elisbeth Daymude

Alice was born about 1853 in Ohio to William Burr Daymude and Sophie A. Tucker. She was the first child of two. Other spellings of her last name may include Demute or Demude

Alice married Andreas Peter Hansen on February 11, 1883 in Benedict, York County, Nebraska. He was 33 years old according to the license and she was 30. They had six surviving children: Harry Elmer (September 13, 1882 to 1963); Antone Peter (June 13, 1883 to March 14, 1961); Josephine Armina (December 1884 to March 21, 1962); Annae Christena (May 2, 1888 to April 21, 1921); Laura Elisabeth (June 17, 1891 to February 13, 1984); Mary Myrtle (June 1, 1893 to October 30, 1967), and an unnamed boy who died with Alice in birth about 1894.

Alice died in 1894, probably in childbirth on the farm near Alsea, Oregon. She is probably buried on the farm.

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1885 York Co. NE census

AP Hansen 37
Allis 32
Harry E 3
Antone 2
Josse F Dec 84

The family may have moved to the North Platte area to be with Alice's family.

About 1891 the family moved to the Five Rivers precinct in Lane County, Oregon. This is near Alsea, Benton County.

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