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William Patrick Bishop

William was born April 23, 1813 in Shelby County, Indiana.

His parents were Lewis Bishop and Mary Adams.

William married Nancy Oldham on September 26, 1832 in Warren, Iowa. They had eleven children. George Oldham (March 27, 1835 to ?), Sarah Ann (December 28, 1837-?), Jonathan (August 9, 1839-?), Aaron O. (September 26, 1841 to ?); Lucinda (June 1, 1843 to ?); Mary Ann (May 5, 1845 to ?); Benjamin (November 30, 1847 to ?); Isaac (November 30, 1847 to ?); John K. (August 15, 1850 to ?); Melissa (October 4, 1852-?); and Moses Oldham (September 12, 1855 to December 1938 or 1939). Nancy died on November 11, 1860.

He married Eliza Dey (Bunn) after 1860.

William died on March 19, 1883 at the age of 69 years, 10 months, 26 days.

Will of William
"I William P Bishop being of sound mind and judgement in regard to my affairs and recognizeing the necessity of a proper and just arrangement of all worldly affairs in life I hereby make this my last will and testament (to wit)
First I will all my just debts be paid
Second I will that my wife Eliza Bishop shall have the use of my farm during her lifetime My sons George Bishop and Aaron Bishop I have a quit claim for all their interest in my estate so I will them only what they have had. I will to my daughter Sarah Thomas one hundred dollars. I will to the then living heirs of my daughter Mary Ann Surber the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid only to them when the youngest living heir becomes of age.
I will to my son Johnathan Bishop the sum of fifty dollars. I will that after the debts and funeral expenses and a grave stone of fair size and quality is placed at the head of myself and wife and the expense of administration is paid with all the legacies heretofore made in this instrument that the remainder of the proceeds of my real and personal property shall be equally divided between my son Moses Bishop and my daughter Melissa Dey.
I hereby appoint Washington Dey my Executor to take charge and settle up my estate.
In testimony I have signed my name this 18th day of May 18??"


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