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Myron Othel Bishop

Myron was born August 6, 1899 in Nebraska. He was know as Othel by many in the family.

His parents were Moses Oldham Bishop and Rosamond Clevenger. He was the fifth child of seven.

Myron married Gwendolyn King on May 8, 1925 and had one child: Marcheta (November 26, 1926 to ?). Gwendolyn died February 17, 1927.

Myron married Vida May Drinkwine on ? and had one daughter, Dorothy Mae (September 9, 1933 to current). Vida May died September 29, 1934.

Myron married Helen Sophie Lake in 1934 and had three children: Mildred Irene (May 2, 1936 to July 2003), Living Daughter, and Ronald Oscar (December 2, 1938 to June 30, 2010).

Myron died in Salem, Oregon on July 20, 1972 at the age of 72 years, 11 months, 14 days of pnumonia. He was in the Salem Mental Hospital due to violent behavior associated with Alzimers. He is buried in Westlawn Cemetery in Eugene, Oregon.

Myron Helen Bishop.jpg - 54362 Bytes Helen and Myron Bishop holding Dorothy on July 6, 1935

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Daughter Dorothy remembers her dad was a farmer. He homesteaded in New Plymouth, Idaho. He went to California and working in a foundry for a year during WWII and had the farm leased out. After returning to the farm, he sold it about a year later and moved to Noti, Oregon for mill work where Dorothy started high school.

He found out that Clyde Luttrell had a bear and took the family up to see it. He liked to hunt and fish.

When he was servicing equipment in New Meadows, Idaho, he threw some fuel in a fire barrel because it wasn't burning well in the cold. The fuel exploded and contributed to the tumor he developed later in life.

He owned his first farm in Nebraska at age 14.

Grandson Myron remembers that his grandpa taught him to drive tractor. "I was probably too young," said Myron. "He was going to pay me $20, but Grandma said no that was too much. So I got paid about $5." He used to give him horehound candy. He played the harmonica. Myron remembers that when he fell into the creek, his grandpa hauled him out. He used to pour clabbered milk into the creek to feed white fish.

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