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Helen Bell

Helen was born April 16, 1856 in Massachusetts.

Her parents were John Bell and Mary Ann Baker. She was the fifth child of seven.

Helen married Joseph Williams Obear on July 5, 1877 and had seven children: Jessie Mabel (July 6, 1880 to 1972); Ralph Elmer (April 13, 1882 to October 1975); Horace Bell (January 22, 1885 to July 25, 1961); Helen Williams (April 20, 1886 to February 17, 1986); Alice Priscilla (February 16, 1889 to May 26, 1993); Adelaide Lucretia Obear (July 21, 1890 to April 7, 1981); and Joseph Williams (February 12, 1892 to August 13, 1892).

Joseph and Helen divorced in California.

Helen died in California on March 1, 1925 at the age of 68 years, 10 months, 16 days. She was cremated and interred in the Central Cemetery in Beverly, Massachusetts in Lot 17, Sub-Div 12 on April 27, 1925. There is no marker on the site.

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This is the home that Helen grew up in. The Bells were substantial property owners in the Beverly community.

Helen Adelaide Harriet.jpg - 25148 Bytes Three generations: Helen Bell Obear, Thyra Weight, Harriet Fox, Adelaide Obear Fox, ?, ?


When the family moved to California, Helen refused to leave her family belongings behind and so Joseph rented half of a freight car to bring everything out to California. He then realized that the trip would be uncomfortable for the family and rented the other half and set up housekeeping in the freight car for the trip. Since freight had priority, the trip took less time and the family traveled in comfort, sleeping in their own beds.

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